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Wastewater Management and Drainage System Installations

Whether you’re looking to install a new domestic cesspit or septic tank, or are unsure about a soakaway on you property, Cotswold and Vale Drainage can help you. We are specialists in off-mains drainage systems, with years of experience surveying, designing, installing and maintaining these products.

Septic Tanks

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Cotswold and Vale Drainage are able to supply and install septic tanks in the Cotswolds and throughout Gloucestershire. A septic tanks stores and separates waste products, processing and disposing most of the waste through a soakaway and rarely requires emptying, maybe once every couple of years. Installation costs are higher than choosing a cesspit, but work out much cheaper in the long term. For any septic tank installation queriers feel free to contact Cotswold and Vale Drainage.


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Cotswold and Vale Building and Drainage also supply and install cesspits. Cesspits are sealed leak proof containers that store waste and need to be regularly emptied. Cesspits are much cheaper to install than septic tanks but generally cost more over the long term. If you are looking to have a cesspit installed in Gloucestershire then give Cotswold and Vale Drainage and Building a call and we will help with your queries and provide a free no-obligation quote.


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A soakaway is a very effective way of dealing with surface water around your property. Surface water is directed to central point where it gradually soaks through the ground in a controlled manner into a crate filled with course stones. Cotswold and Vale Drainage and Building can install soakaway crates and related drainage channels to eliminate any drainage issues that you may be experiencing. Feel free to call for any advice or to arrange a free no-obligation site survey and quote.

French Drains

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A French drain is a simple low-cost way to eliminate excess surface water away from a building, driveway or garden, particularly from any area suffering from pooling of flash flooding. Call Cotswold and Vale Drainage and Building to arrange a free site survey where we can offer our advice and a no-obligation quotation.

Perforated Drainage Pipe

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If you are having problems with a regularly saturated area of land, whether it’s your garden or a playing field, then having perforated drainage pipes installed will provide the solution you are looking for. Plastic pipe with thousands of small holes in them are set into a channel filled with stones, allowing the excess water to either slowly soakaway or quickly flow through the pipe. Cotswold and Vale Drainage and Building are able to supply and install perforated drainage systems of every size and any size of area: in your garden or over fields. Contact us today and we will visit and offer our advice and a free quote.  

Trench Drain

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Trench drains are known by several names: surface drains, aco drains, storm drains and channel drains. They are generally used on paved areas such as driveways, patios and pathways to divert rainwater away from buildings to prevent damage and pooling. Feel free to contact Cotswold and Vale Drainage and Building to arrange an appointment for a free site survey and quotation.

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